Lakers eliminated from playoffs, team’s earliest elimination in 54 years


We’ve known for a while that this season would be a dismal one for the Lakers, but now it’s become clear that it is historically bad, at least by one measure.

From Mark Medina of the Los Angeles Daily News:

With the New Orleans Pelicans defeating the Brooklyn Nets on Tuesday, the Lakers were officially eliminated from the playoffs. This marked the Lakers’ earliest elimination since the franchise moved to Los Angeles before the 1960-61 season. This will also mark the second consecutive season the Lakers will not make the postseason, including the seventh time in franchise history. …

The bad news might keep on coming. The Lakers currently have a .258 winning percentage, the worst in franchise history. The Lakers are also only 10 more losses away from finishing with a worst record than last year’s team that went 27-55, the team’s worst in L.A. franchise history.

This doesn’t mean much in the grand scheme of things, of course — anyone who’s paid attention to the NBA at all has known the Lakers would miss the playoffs, essentially from the beginning of the season.

And, at this point, losing is preferred in Los Angeles, because the only way the Lakers keep their draft pick is if it lands somewhere in the top five. Otherwise, it goes to the Sixers.

But it is a reminder of just how far the franchise has fallen, and statistics like these will serve as a nice source of schadenfreude for the team’s many detractors.