Clippers’ Glen Davis receives flopping warning for ridiculous play against Warriors


Glen Davis committed one of the more egregious flops we’ve seen recently, flying wildly out of control well after he received contact during Sunday’s nationally televised contest against the Warriors.

The announcers laughed at the time, Leandro Barbosa tweeted about it a couple of days later, and now the inevitable has occurred: Davis received the official warning from the league office.

As a reminder, the league’s anti-flopping rules are largely toothless. There is no penalty for the first warning, and the fines for subsequent offenses are extremely small in relation to players’ salaries.

A total of 25 different players have received warnings this season, while just two of them — P.J. Hairston of the Hornets and C.J. Watson of the Pacers — have been caught twice, resulting in fines of $5,000 apiece.