Another Bull out: Joakim Noah to miss Wednesday with sore knee


The Bulls cannot catch a break.

Derrick Rose is out (knee). Jimmy Butler is out (elbow). Taj Gibson is out (ankle).

And now you can add Joakim Noah to that list Wednesday night against the Sixers, and maybe a few more games, reports Vincent Goodwill of

If you’re going to miss a game, the Sixers might be a good one, a game the Bulls can still win.

Noah’s injury will lead to another round of “Tom Thibodeau runs his players into the ground comments. Butler told PBT recently that line of reasoning doesn’t fly in the Chicago locker room.

“Thibs doesn’t have anything to do with it,” Butler said. “I think injuries, they just happen. I wasn’t overtired when I ran into the screen; it’s just basketball. It really does happen. It has nothing to do with Thibs. Thibs is good at what he does and he’s always putting us in a great position to win games, so kudos to him. He’s a great coach.”