Another day, another Russell Westbrook triple-double


In the remake of Ghostbusters, Russell Westbrook should play Gozer the Traveler. The destroyer of worlds.

For the fifth time in six games, Westbrook dropped a triple-double Sunday — 30 points, 17 assists, and 11 rebounds as the Thunder held off the Raptors and picked up a key win 108-104. Key because it keeps the Thunder in the eight seed one game ahead of a Pelicans team that will not go away.

That one game Westbrook didn’t have a triple-double? He had 43-8-7.

Sunday Westbrook was getting into the middle of the Toronto defense all game long, and there was nothing the Raptors could do — they didn’t have the player or the scheme to slow him. That led to him shooting 5-of-8 in the paint and also setting up a number of his assists off kick-outs on those plays. (Westbrook was not super efficient and had nine turnovers, but he’s doing it all for the Thunder right now so you live with a little bad to get the good.)

Westbrook is on a tear that may net him the MVP trophy. It’s been a long time since a team struggling to hold on to the eight seed had a legit MVP candidate. It’s a tough race because Stephen Curry is still putting on a show with the best team in the Association, while James Harden is putting up numbers as well. But nobody is dominating the game right now like Westbrook.