Kyle Lowry returning from injuries after ‘trash’ self-assessment


Kyle Lowry described his game as “trash.”

The game after that, he shot 1-for-7 with two turnovers and no assists.

So the Raptors sat him.

Josh Rubin of

After three games of rest and recuperation, Raptors point guard Kyle Lowry is returning to action Friday against the Charlotte Hornets.

“I’m feeling like a million bucks,” said Lowry, grinning from ear to ear.

Toronto went 1-2 without Lowry, beating the 76ers and losing to the Knicks and Cavaliers. It wasn’t a pretty stretch, but things weren’t going swimmingly otherwise.

Not long ago, the Raptors looked like a credible threat to win the Eastern Conference. Their defense had yet to click, but it seemed like only a matter of time until it matched last year’s success.

Since, the Hawks have proven their dominance, and Cleveland has found its stride. Toronto is now a longshot.

The Raptors have a shot though – if Lowry plays well. Their playoff hopes start with him, and they certainly hope his week off jumpstarts him.