Paul George openly wonders how Nuggets couldn’t play for Brian Shaw


Pacers players are taking sides.

In the dispute between Nuggets players and Brian Shaw that ultimately led to Shaw’s firing, Indiana players are supporting their former assistant coach over their peers in Denver.

First, David West said the Nuggets weren’t “grownups.”

Now, Paul George is making his stance clear:

I’m also surprised the Nuggets players didn’t connect better with Shaw, but let’s not automatically pin that on the players. Even if Shaw built strong relationships in Indiana, communicating with players as head coach is a different challenge.

All evidence points to Shaw not being up to it. Maybe the players didn’t help, but by the time they were counting down weeks until season’s end, the dynamic was sufficiently broken.

Shaw definitely has positive attributes, and it’s telling these Pacers players are coming out so strongly on an issue they could easily sidestep. But I’d have a lot of reservations about making him my team’s head coach after what happened in Denver.

There should at least be an assistant’s job in Indiana waiting for him next season, though.