Gregg Popovich says he won’t coach in July, not even Game 7 of the NBA Finals


Mark Cuban supports extending the NBA season further into the summer, even saying “Everybody’s for it now.”

Unfortunately for Cuban, he’s president in only Sharknado 3.

In reality, he can’t just impose his agenda – and Spurs coach Gregg Popovich sure isn’t on board.

Dan McCarney of the San Antonio Express-News:

Extending the length of the season – playing the same number of games over a longer duration – would decrease the grind on players’ bodies. And that’s an important consideration.

But it’s not the only consideration.

A longer season would also keep many people involved in the NBA – team staffers, league executives, coaches, scouts, trainers, players, media, etc. – away from home longer. Obviously, some of those groups (league executives) factor more prominently into the discussion than others (media)

Popovich’s voice matters, though. Obviously, he’s exaggerating his dedication to the cause, but the sentiment is presumably real. If he galvanizes coaches to oppose this change, that could definitely impede any proposal Cuban makes.