Report: Mark Cuban to play president in Sharknado 3


Mark Cuban is no stranger to juggling television and the Mavericks.

He finalized the Rajon Rondo trade while at The Colbert Report finale, and he infamously participated in a Shark Tank filming rather than attend a free-agency meeting with Deron Williams.

Now, Cuban is headed back to the small screen.

Lesley Goldberg of The Hollywood Reporter:

Launching in July, Sharknado 3 will be set in Washington, D.C., this time and, per Syfy, will “cause mass destruction in the nation’s capital” before it roars down the Eastern Seaboard.

Entrepreneur/Dallas Mavericks owner Cuban ofShark Tank will play the president

Let’s just hope filming raps up between the end of the Mavericks’ season and the start of free agency.