Report: If Ray Allen return to NBA this season it will not be with Cleveland


Don’t expect Ray Allen to play in the NBA this season.

I base this on the last report from people close to him, which said he was working out but not “getting ready to return to the NBA working out.” Allen is one of the best conditioned, most meticulous athletes you will ever find, if he’s not working out like it’s a return then he is not returning.

However, if he does return, it will not be to Cleveland, reports ESPN’s Brian Windhorst.

When in Miami trying to rehab LeBron tried to recruit Allen to the Cavaliers. It didn’t work.

The list of teams that would have an interest in Allen should he decide to return basically includes every contender — the Hawks, Spurs, Grizzlies, Clippers, Bulls and on down the list. He will have options.

But expect him to choose his family, warm weather and golf — all of which are in Miami. Where he is happily retired.