Bulls front office hopeful Derrick Rose could play this season


Derrick Rose is scheduled to undergo right knee surgery on Friday, at which time Rose and the Bulls will have more clarity on his timetable to return. But various members of the Bulls’ front office spoke to reporters at a charity event on Thursday night and expressed serious optimism that we haven’t seen the last of him this season.

All of that is certainly encouraging. We obviously won’t have any answers until Rose actually has the surgery, but just the fact that management is so open about their hope that he plays this year is a promising sign. After everything Rose has been through in the last three years, you would think they would know better than to say something that puts any pressure on him to come back before he’s ready. They’ve been so careful with Rose up until now, and they still have so much money tied up in him over the next two seasons after this one, that it still makes no sense to rush him back.

What these comments from Paxson and Forman suggest is that Rose’s MRI really did show a tear that’s not as bad as the one he suffered last year. And in that case, it’s cause for celebration for everybody. It would still be a surprise if Rose played again this season, but it now sounds like it’s not completely impossible. Hopefully he’s able to play. The Bulls and the NBA are better off when he’s healthy.