Timberwolves warned: Kevin Garnett will throw your phone in the toilet


The Timberwolves traded for Kevin Garnett.

They even want to sign him for two more years.


Minnesota president/coach Flip Saunders, via Tom Powers of the Pioneer Press:

“As one of our veteran guys told our young guys yesterday, ‘Hey, listen, when KG walks in the locker room your phones better be tucked away, because if they’re not, they’re going to get thrown in the toilet on game night,’ ” Saunders noted.


“He changed their culture,” Saunders said of Garnett’s time with the Boston Celtics. “Doc (Rivers) told me that. They had veteran players and everything else, but when he went in the locker room, the music was cut off and everything.”

This was probably an exaggeration, though it’s also not impossible to see the notoriously intense Garnett actually tossing phones in toilets.

I don’t love the idea of the team’s richest player destroying the property of players on their first contracts to prove a point. As excited as the young Timberwolves are about Garnett joining the team, there’s definitely a possibility they grow tired of his act. Garnett has been around mostly veterans in Brooklyn and Boston, and it will require actual effort from him to adjust to this group in Minnesota.

It’ll be cool to see Garnett in a Timberwolves jersey again. It wouldn’t be so cool if he ruins this young team’s enthusiasm.