Sixers waive Andrei Kirilenko, who never played a game for them following trade from Nets


The Nets traded Andrei Kirilenko to the Sixers in early December, and Philadelphia had hoped that Kirilenko might play for them this season, at least enough to draw interest from other franchises before the trade deadline had passed.

But that never happened.

Whether due to Kirilenko’s family issues or simply due to his not wanting to suit up for the woeful Sixers, he never played a game for Philadelphia, and the team ended up waiving him once the trade deadline passed.

The official release:

“The Philadelphia 76ers announced today that the team has waived forward Andrei Kirilenko”

That’s all 13 words of it, which tells you all you need to know about Kirilenko’s time in Philly, and his interactions with the Sixers front office.

Plenty of other teams would be interested in adding Kirilenko for the stretch run to the playoffs, but at this point he doesn’t seem intent on playing for anyone for the remainder of this season.