Report: Ray Allen may just stay retired


There are NBA teams lined up at Ray Allen’s door and around the block wanting the legendary sharpshooter to play for them. The Cavaliers are the first in line, but the Clippers, Warriors, Spurs, Bulls, Wizards, Grizzlies, and Hawks all are knocking on his door.

Turns out Allen is not home. He’s probably out golfing.

And he may choose to chase a little white ball around rather than to chase  another NBA ring. That had been rumored before but now league executives are starting to believe Allen will stay retired, reports Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports.

Among numerous NBA executives with an interest in signing free-agent guard Ray Allen, there’s a growing belief that Allen will not play in the league this season.

Allen still hasn’t delivered word through his agent Jim Tanner that he wants to play – never mind begin the process of choosing a team, league sources told Yahoo Sports.

Allen has been working out, but nothing to the level that would indicate an imminent return to get into NBA playing shape, sources tell Yahoo Sports. Still, there’s time for Allen to make a decision, but as one general manager said Friday, “It’s getting late in the game for this to happen.”

Allen lives in Miami and if LeBron James had stayed put Allen likely would have joined him for another run at it. But moving to a cold-weather climate — where one cannot golf in the winter — and leaving his family was something I had heard back in July was not that appealing. At least not for a full season.

Now Allen must sit back, look at the situation and think there is no clear path to that ring, no clear team he puts over the hump. He has a relationship with Doc Rivers of the Clippers, he would be an excellent fit to space the floor in Memphis, but the West is going to be a bloodbath. Even the favorites — Golden State, Oklahoma City, whoever else you want to anoint — will have a very difficult path out of the conference. Why would Allen choose to jump into that fight?

LeBron and the Cavaliers have looked better of late, but does Allen want to come back to see how Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love deal with playoff pressure? Does he want to bet on the Hawks?

The clearest sign that he is choosing golf — and time in his Connecticut home as well — over the NBA is the workout note above. Allen is meticulous about preparation. If he is not preparing…

If he walks away from the game right now, he’s a lock Hall of Famer with a couple of rings. He’s Jesus Shuttlesworth. He’s had an amazing career in the league. Maybe he’s just ready for what’s next.