LeBron James to Chris Bosh: “Wish I could be there by your side”


It’s not official yet, but it appears Chris Bosh is done for the season due to blood clots in his lungs.

Doctors believe he has clots and have him on blood thinners, reports the Miami Herald. If true, this is a life-threatening condition that will cost Bosh at least the rest of this season and maybe longer depending upon what is causing the clots.

In the wake of Trail Blazer’s legend Jerome Kersey dying from blood clots this week, there is a lot of concern around the league for Bosh’s health. Including these tweets from LeBron James to Bosh.

LeBron’s sentiments echo those of a lot of people around the league who are genuinely concerned about Bosh’s health. Our thoughts at PBT are with him as well.

Hopefully we see him back on the court next season, especially since after the trade deadline this could be a very interesting and dangerous team in South Beach.