Thunder’s Reggie Jackson awkwardly addresses report of trade request


Reggie Jackson already turned down a four-year, $48 million contract offer from the Thunder, and since then, has seen his role diminished once Dion Waiters came aboard after being acquired in trade from the Cavaliers.

Jackson not only wants money, but he wants the opportunity to be a starter on a team, instead of a role player who’s relegated to sporadic spurts of playing time off the bench.

A report surfaced on Wednesday that said Jackson’s agent had requested a trade from the Thunder within the last week or so.

Good timing for reporters in Oklahoma City, who were waiting to speak with Jackson after practice.

But while he answered plenty of questions, none of the comments provided any clarity on his situation — and some of the exchanges were odd, to say the least.

From Royce Young of Daily Thunder:

There’s a report, I guess, that your agent’s asked for a trade. Do you know anything about that?

“Nah, uh, like I said, just mentally getting ready for tomorrow. I’m not sure about that.”

He wouldn’t communicate with you?

“Nah, we would communicate.”

Do you expect to be here tomorrow night, playing in the Mavs game?

“Um, I expect to live today to the fullest and if God blesses me hopefully I wake up tomorrow.”

Do you want to be here tomorrow?

“I would love to play basketball.”

And perhaps my favorite part:

I just want to make sure I have this right.  So your agent requested a trade, according to a report and you said you don’t know anything about that. So did you not communicate with your agent about that?

“Nah, I talked to my agent. But I don’t know where these reports are from.”

I think your agent was on record saying it.

“That’s what’s up.”

This is essentially the opposite of how Goran Dragic handled things, explaining exactly why he no longer trusts the front office in Phoenix, and confirming that he does in fact want out.

There’s no right or wrong answer in how a player should handle these things; Dragic’s honesty turned off a lot of Suns fans as his comments went public, while Jackson’s awkward avoidance of the issue just made him seem silly.