Russell Westbrook loves being Kevin Durant’s sidekick


Russell Westbrook is the best second-best player in the NBA.

The Thunder point guard is a top-10 player, but because of Kevin Durant, Westbrook isn’t even the best player on his own team.

Would Westbrook consider following James Harden’s lead and leaving Oklahoma City for a team where he’s the clear No. 1 option?

Westbrook on The Dan Patrick show:

Not at all. I love winning. Kevin is one of the best players in the world, man, and I love the position I’m in now.

This is refreshing amount of self-awareness by Westbrook.

Of course, it helps Durant is comfortable deferring to Westbrook. When Westbrook really wants to take over games, he can. Westbrook also knows Durant appreciates him on a personal level.

This is a pairing that works, and surely, that will impact Durant’s 2016 free agent decision. That doesn’t mean Durant will re-sign with the Thunder, but it should push the needle in their direction.