Report: Lakers, Knicks interested in Miles Plumlee


The Suns reportedly have interest in trading Miles Plumlee.

Alex Len is coming into his own, and Phoenix traded for Brandan Wright.

That has left Plumlee, at least when everyone is healthy, the odd man out.

Sam Amick of USA Today:

Despite everyone involved – the Suns, trade partners and Plumlee – seemingly wanting to see Plumlee dealt, it probably won’t happen.

The Lakers and Knicks primarily care about two things at this point:

1. Bettering draft position (*cough* tanking *cough*)

2. Maximizing cap room

Acquiring Plumlee would hinder both. He’s a solid player who can help immediately, and although his $2,109,294 salary next season isn’t huge, it matters more in markets like Los Angeles and New York. The Lakers and Knicks can realistically target star free agents, and they should leave cap space for that. So, it’s probably not worth it for those teams to relinquish reasonable assets for Plumlee.

For the Suns, Plumlee is a good value and would be a restricted free agent in 2016. There’s no rush to sell low on him.

That means Plumlee is likely stuck in Phoenix – no matter how hard he pushes.

Adrian Wojnarowski: Knicks firing David Fizdale ‘inevitable’

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Knicks president Steve Mills is reportedly laying the groundwork to fire coach David Fizdale.

One step: Mills and general manager Scott Perry addressing the media after Sunday’s loss to the Cavaliers while Fizdale was still in the locker room. Mills and Perry stressed that the team wasn’t meeting expectations, seemingly a veiled shot at the coach.

Adrian Wojnarowski on ESPN:

The dismissal of David Fizdale is inevitable, and there was, I think, a bond broken between management and their head coach with how they handled things after that loss Sunday night.

Coaches are hired to be fired, but this sounds far more urgent than that.

As long as Fizdale has his job, he has a chance to save it. If the Knicks start playing better, they could keep him.

But that seems unlikely with this underwhelming roster.

Which is why New York is reportedly also considering a front-office change.

Austin Rivers calls for Doc Rivers to get technical foul (video)

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When Doc Rivers coached Austin Rivers on the Clippers, accusations of favoritism ran rampant. Playing with the Rockets against the Clippers tonight, Austin showed where his loyalties lie.

Not with his father.

The Clippers were letting the game (an eventual 102-93 Houston win) get away from them when Doc argued a call. Austin stood nearby and urged the referee to call a technical foul. The official eventually obliged and ejected Doc.

That’s when Austin really hammed it up – waving off Doc then making the call-me gesture. The disrespect!

Ja Morant hits game-winner in Grizzlies-Hornets (video)

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Grizzlies rookie Ja Morant has had a game-saving block and game-winning assist.

Now, he has the glory of a game-winning shot.

Morant sealed the Memphis’ 119-117 win over the Hornets with a driving scoop in the final second tonight. He led Memphis with 23 points and 11 assists.

P.J. Tucker misses open fastbreak layup, trips on stanchion (video)

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I want to give P.J. Tucker a break. He’s the Rockets’ most (only?) reliable defender. He has such a heavy burden covering for James Harden, Russell Westbrook and just generally undersized lineups.

But this missed layup was so bad. And that stumble over the stanchion really seals the goof.