Report: Lakers, Knicks interested in Miles Plumlee


The Suns reportedly have interest in trading Miles Plumlee.

Alex Len is coming into his own, and Phoenix traded for Brandan Wright.

That has left Plumlee, at least when everyone is healthy, the odd man out.

Sam Amick of USA Today:

Despite everyone involved – the Suns, trade partners and Plumlee – seemingly wanting to see Plumlee dealt, it probably won’t happen.

The Lakers and Knicks primarily care about two things at this point:

1. Bettering draft position (*cough* tanking *cough*)

2. Maximizing cap room

Acquiring Plumlee would hinder both. He’s a solid player who can help immediately, and although his $2,109,294 salary next season isn’t huge, it matters more in markets like Los Angeles and New York. The Lakers and Knicks can realistically target star free agents, and they should leave cap space for that. So, it’s probably not worth it for those teams to relinquish reasonable assets for Plumlee.

For the Suns, Plumlee is a good value and would be a restricted free agent in 2016. There’s no rush to sell low on him.

That means Plumlee is likely stuck in Phoenix – no matter how hard he pushes.