Stephen Curry explains his All-Star alley-oop to Dirk Nowitzki


NEW YORK — All-Star weekend is about highlights more than anything else, and one in particular from Sunday night’s game between the East and the West stood out as being the most surprising.

Dirk Nowitzki went up high and converted an alley-oop slam, thanks to a lob pass that was right on target from Stephen Curry.

Nowitzki has dunked only one other time this entire season, so the fact that Curry would even consider him as a target seemed to make little sense. And Curry admitted he didn’t realize that Dirk was the one who would be on the receiving end of his pass until it was too late to change his mind

“We were actually joking Coach was going to write up an alley-oop play for him,” Curry said. “But he needed to get a couple of up‑and‑downs to get loose. When that play happened, when I threw it, I saw him at the last second. I didn’t know who it was. When I made my mind to throw it up, I looked to see who it was. I already committed to throwing it. I just hoped he could get up there, and he did.

“The celebration was even better than the dunk, pulling out the old Vince Carter celebration. So that was pretty clever. ”