Report: Jason Thompson’s camp hopes Kings trade him


The Kings traded for Rudy Gay and Derrick Williams last season, and they put Jason Thompson on the trade block.

Gay and Williams are still in Sacramento.

And so is Thompson.

Marc Spears of Yahoo Sports:

The camp for Jason Thompson, the longest-tenured Kings player, would prefer that he is traded before the deadline, a source said.

Thompson is pretty expendable in Sacramento, but where would he be more central to a team’s core? The 28-year-old big man has steadily declined in nearly all facets the last few years. At least he starts for the Kings.

The discussion is probably moot, anyway. It’s hard to see a team trading for Thompson, who is owed $6,431,250 next season, has $2.65 million of his $6,825,000 salary guaranteed next season and has a five percent trade kicker.

Thompson might want a change of scenery, but the Kings should just ride out his contract rather than relinquishing a sweetener – a draft pick or younger player – to dump him. At best, maybe Sacramento can swap him for another player on a bad contract.