Report: Suns prefer trading Isaiah Thomas over Goran Dragic


Suns general manager Ryan McDonough admitted his team was overloaded in the backcourt, and that fueled already-existing speculation Phoenix would trade Goran Dragic.

But perhaps another Suns point guard will be moved instead.

Marc Stein of ESPN:

Trading Isaiah Thomas for a frontcourt player could be a little riskier. If he gets dealt and Dragic leaves in free agency – which he has made clear is possible – Phoenix could go from three good point guards to only Eric Bledsoe.

Obviously, the Suns – in the thick of a playoff – race would prefer to keep the better player, Dragic, in the long-term. But not only might Dragic walk this summer, he’d fetch more in a trade than Thomas would. The Lakers and Rockets are reportedly interested, and so are the Heat.

So, although I believe Phoenix is exploring Thomas trades harder now, six three factors could change that:

1. How the Suns play before the trade deadline

2. How the Thunder play before the trade deadline

3. How the Pelicans play before the trade deadline

1. What indications Dragic gives before the trade deadline about re-signing in the offseason

2. The offers Phoenix gets for Thomas

3. The offers Phoenix gets for Dragic

With so much still up in the air, I’m not convinced a Thomas trade is much more likely than a Dragic trade.