Carmelo Anthony comes in second in terms of jersey sales in and around NYC


Back in January, we got a look at the NBA’s latest list of most popular jerseys, based on sales from October through December of 2014.

With All-Star weekend in New York City just getting started, the folks at, the world’s largest online retailer of officially licensed sports merchandise, took a look at which players sold the most jerseys in specific areas in and around NYC.

Carmelo Anthony finished in second place overall for sales in his city, behind LeBron James.

The top five shook out like this:

1.      LeBron James

2.      Carmelo Anthony

3.     Stephen Curry

4.     Kevin Durant

5.      Derrick Rose

Anthony replaced Kobe Bryant in the top five for sales specific to New York, but the fan loyalty for other four players remained similar to what it was nationally.

Check out the video below for an interactive look at the top-selling jerseys by borough for each month of the season.