Doc Rivers: DeAndre Jordan not making All-Star game ‘a travesty’


Doc Rivers lobbied for DeAndre Jordan to make the All-Star team last year and this year.

Now, after Jordan’s second straight 20-20 game, the Clippers coach is upping his rhetoric.

Rivers, via Joe Resnick of the Associated Press:

“D.J. should be on it. We all know that,” Rivers said. “I think it’s a travesty. I really do – a guy who’s getting 20s and 20s is not on the team.

“You play both sides of the floor. Just one end of the floor keeps getting all of the credit, but the other side is more important. There’s never been a team that’s won a title without being a decent defensive team. But that side keeps getting forgotten about in the All-Star game. But D.J. knows that we’re playing for bigger things than All-Star games.”

Without question, Jordan has played excellently these last couple games. And although he played well prior, if he had regularly posted these numbers before the All-Star teams were selected, he would have been included. But neither All-Star voters nor Adam Silver making injury-replacement choices can predict games between their deadlines and the All-Star Game.

Plus, Mike Conley is the most-deserving player left off the Western Conference All-Star team, anyway. Jordan probably follows, but that still makes him 17th in the conference.