Report: Suns frontrunner for Amar’e Stoudemire


If Amar’e Stoudemire takes a buyout with the Knicks, he’ll have no shortage of suitors.

The Mavericks are reportedly interested, and so are the Warriors.

Add the Suns to the mix.

Jordan Schultz of The Huffington Post:

The biggest impediment to the Suns signing Stoudemire is their full roster of 15 players, all of whom are too valuable just to waive. Their least valuable player is probably Zoran Dragic, but his presence could help them re-sign their pending top free agenthis brother, Goran Dragic.

Maybe, if they knew Stoudemire would sign, the Suns would be more willing to trade Miles Plumlee. They needn’t give away Plumlee, but an assured replacement big man should lower their asking price.

Stoudemire makes sense for Phoenix with Alex Len injured. The Suns’ up-tempo attack can really bring out the best in an offensive-minded and agile big like Stoudemire.

Plus, it’d just be cool to see Stoudemire return to Phoenix, where he began his career and spent eight seasons.