Pelicans’ Anthony Davis out Monday night due to shoulder injury

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After a fall that nasty, Anthony Davis and the Pelicans — not to mention basketball fans everywhere — are lucky he has just a sprained shoulder. He is officially day-to-day.

That said, New Orleans’ Mr. Everything is out Monday night against Utah.

The Pelicans are not anywhere near the same team on either end without Davis — Chicago went almost instantly on a 10-0 run when Davis went down in the second quarter. The Bulls outscored the Pelicans by more than 30 points the rest of the game.

Utah has been difficult to defeat all season (they’ve lost a lot of games but have been competitive), this will be a tough test for the Pelicans. But if they want to stay in the West playoff chase this is the kind of game they need even with Davis out.

It is unclear when Davis will return, or if he will play in the All-Star Game this weekend in New York, where the fans voted him in as a starter.