Reports: Talks between Kings and George Karl still ongoing, decision expected soon


One way or another, we will know soon whether or not George Karl will be the next coach of the Kings. According to the latest reports, GM Pete D’Alessandro still really wants to hire him, but is getting resistance from DeMarcus Cousins’ agents.

As for what Cousins’ camp’s problem is with Karl, a Saturday report from Amick in USA Today explains that he has a history with both of Cousins’ primary agents.

Karl’s personal past with a number of influential members in and around the Kings organization remains relevant as well, as he previously coached Kings advisor Chris Mullin and has history with the two agents who represent franchise centerpiece DeMarcus Cousins as well. Cousins’ day-to-day agent, Jarrin Akana, worked with Karl in Denver and was re-assigned from assistant coach to scout when Karl took over for coach Jeff Bzdelik in 2005. Dan Fegan, Cousins’ lead agent, represented Karl’s son, Coby, as a player for years before he was eventually replaced. That circle, by all accounts, has been against the notion of adding Karl.

From the sound of it, Cousins’ camp’s resistance doesn’t have much to do with his own lack of interest in playing for Karl. It’s not clear how exactly Cousins himself feels about Karl, but we do know that he’s been extremely unhappy since they fired Mike Malone in December.’s Aaron Bruski reports that the differences within Cousins’ camp will most likely not stand in the way of hiring Karl.

Whether the Kings can patch up their differences with Cousins’ reps remains to be seen, but one way or another, we will know soon whether George Karl has Sacramento in his future.