Mason Plumlee runs into courtside waitress, spills a whole lot of beer (VIDEO)


The way the Nets were shooting Saturday at the Verizon Center, this was about the only thing they knocked down.

Brooklyn’s Mason Plumlee hustled after a loose ball and ran into a courtside waitress spilling a full tray of beers — there were six beers plus what appeared to be a vodka drink on that tray, at Verizon Center prices that’s at least $60 worth. Maybe more as the courtside guys likely aren’t downing domestic. It landed all over the floor and a couple fans, and took a couple minutes, five guys and a lot of towels to clean up.

Fortunately nobody was hurt, although somebody smelled of beer on the drive home.

This was about the only interesting thing anyone on the Nets did during a 124-77 loss.