Mark Cuban on Kevin Durant’s All-Star challenge: ‘I beat Dirk, I can beat him’


Kevin Durant was considered to be a controversial All-Star choice by some, mainly due to the fact that he’s only appeared in 23 of his team’s 50 games to this point in the season.

But there’s no question Durant is high on the list of the game’s individual players, and he referenced that fact when asked whether or not another player should have been given his reserve All-Star spot.

“Whoever want my spot can play me one-on-one for it,” he said.

Well, Durant has perhaps found an unlikely taker for his challenge.

From Earl K. Sneed of (via EOB):

Mavs owner Mark Cuban is ready to take Kevin Durant up on his offer to play 1-on-1 for his All-Star spot: “I beat Dirk, I can beat him.”

I think at this point, we’d all like some answers.

Like, when exactly did Cuban beat Nowitzki, and under what specific set of circumstances? With Dirk now in his 17h season, he’s undoubtedly messed with Cuban on the practice court plenty of times. But for Cuban to beat him in any type of basketball-related competition would seem to be a tall task, regardless of the handicaps that were placed on Nowitzki before any such contest took place.