Would George Karl be interested in coaching Orlando Magic? Of course he would.


George Karl wants one more shot in the NBA. While he says he wants to coach a talented team he thinks he can get to compete for a title, he’s about as picky as a drunk frat boy in a bar at 2 a.m.

Hence this tweet about his name coming up in the Orlando coaching search.

Orlando’s potential interest in Karl may spark Sacramento — who is very interested in Karl and his up-tempo style — to act quickly and sign him sooner rather than later.

Karl deserves another shot. Last we saw of him he directed Denver to 57 wins and was named Coach of the Year (they only lost in the first round because leading scorer Danilo Gallinari went down with an ACL injury). He’s one of the NBA’s legendary coaches and he’ll improve almost any team that would hire him.

And he’s open to all of them.