Report: Kings could change coaches during All-Star break


The Kings stunningly fired Michael Malone mid-season, but they tried to create a veneer of stability by signing lead assistant Tyrone Corbin to a new contract as the team’s coach for the rest of the season.

If you thought that would work, you haven’t paid attention to how Sacramento operates under owner Vivek Ranadivé.

From PBT’s own Aaron Bruski:

Corbin has gone just 6-18, and he’s not the Kings’ long-term answer. But what did they expect? Malone led Sacramento to a strong start before DeMarcus Cousins got hurt, and any midseason change causes turbulence. Corbin has fared about as well as to be expected.

There’s nothing wrong with moving on from Corbin, but why now?

Perhaps, the Kings are worried about Orlando – which just fired Jacque Vaughn – swooping in taking their preferred candidate. George Karl, a reported Sacramento target, is among the coaches who could fit the Magic. Unsurprisingly, Karl is campaigning for the job.

Or maybe the Kings are just leaking this in order to make it look like they’re doing something. That might temporarily placate Cousins, who’s had more problematic issues since Malone’s firing, but they’d do better by Cousins by actually doing something productive.

This is a strange development in Sacramento, but as long as Ranadivé operates as he has, nothing is too surprising.