WATCH: Stephen Curry loses to 10-year-old girl in three-point contest


Stephen Curry is known as one of the game’s best long range shooters, and is second in the league this season in total shots made from three-point distance.

He’s appeared in All-Star weekend’s three-point contest three separate times, however, without once taking home the first place prize.

Curry will be at it again this year, as part of a field that may be among the best we’ve seen. In order to help him prepare, the folks at Foot Locker enlisted the help of some former NBA sharpshooters — Robert Horry, Tim Legler, and Steph’s father Dell Curry —  to run him through his paces.

But the true test came when a 10-year-old girl shot better than anyone else.

The full-length version is great, so check it out right here.