Report: Nets, Grizzlies interested in Andray Blatche


The Nets made pretty clear last summer they didn’t want Andray Blatche.

So, Blatche signed in China.

But now that the Chinese season is ending…

Mike Mazzeo of ESPN:

Miami’s interest came before Hassan Whiteside broke out. The Heat can offer their Josh McRoberts disabled-player exception, worth  $2,652,500, but I think Whitside diminishes their desire to add Blatche.

The Grizzlies could offer only a minimum contract – $573,199 and decreasing $3,372 by the day.

The Nets, who hold Blatche’s Early Bird rights, can offer a two-to-four year contract that starts at $ 4,836,469. Though that salary decreases by $33,127 each day, it should be more than enough – if Brooklyn wants to offer multiple years, which the Early Bird Exception requires.

The Nets could also offer a one-year contract worth up to $1,417,681 with the Non-Bird Exception, but that decreases by $9,710 each day.

Could Brooklyn use Blatche? Sure. He was productive in two seasons there, and with Brook Lopez on the trade block and Mirza Teletovic out for the season, there might be a role for hm.

But the Nets’ reversal on Blatche, given how firmly they cast him off last summer, is fairly surprising. It shows either a team flexible enough to admit its mistakes and adjust or a team that has no idea what it’s doing. Given Brooklyn’s other moves, I know which way I’m leaning.