Referee Mike Callahan with classy gesture to make child’s day (VIDEO)


Let’s be honest, you didn’t catch this when it happened because you didn’t watch the Knicks and Lakers play Sunday. Heck, even ESPN decided not to air the game in favor of showing nearly month-old footage from Chris Paul’s celebrity bowling event.

Referee Mike Callahan made a classy move. The Knicks (like almost every NBA team) throws (or shoots) team shirts into the stands at one point, except on Sunday some Knicks fan threw theirs back onto the court while the game was in play. Not cool — I get not wanting the shirt, but come on now. Callahan picked up the shirt, took it to the sidelines and handed it to this little boy, making his day.

The Knicks went on to win the game and Carmelo Anthony had a big night with 31 points and a huge dunk.