LeBron James reportedly asked Adam Silver for longer All-Star break, fewer back-to-backs


LeBron James wanted the NBA to dump sleeved jerseys.

Boom, Christmas Day jerseys no longer had sleeves (or last names).

Want another example of LeBron’s influence with Adam Silver?

Marc Stein of ESPN:

Sources in the room say Silver, at All-Star Weekend 2014 in New Orleans, addressed the All-Stars in both conferences and vowed to seek the players’ input to grow the game and make the league better. LeBron James, sources said, promptly responded with a plea to make the All-Star break longer and reduce the number of back-to-backs for each team.

Boom, the All-Star Break was extended.

LeBron’s other request is a bit trickier. Because the league still must fit 82 games per team and a longer All-Star break in a short period of time, back-to-backs are up this season.

LeBron has offered a solution – reducing the number of games – but that would probably reduce revenue. I think we’ve found our limit on what Silver will do for LeBron.

Still, the commissioner is trying to accommodate by shrinking the preseason and moving up the start of the regular season.

So, is Silver going too far to please LeBron? Nah, these are just good ideas.