Nick Young benched because Byron Scott thought Lakers guard ‘didn’t want to be there’


Nick Young played just eight minutes, none after halftime, in the Lakers’ 99-87 loss to the Rockets last night.

In his shortest outing in two seasons with the Lakers, Young shot 0-for-2, grabbed three rebounds and committed two turnovers. The Lakers were outscored by eight points in those eight minutes.

So, Lakers coach Byron Scott benched Young.


It looked to me, to be honest with you, that he didn’t want to be there. That’s how I looked at him. At halftime, we showed something on the tape where he was guarding Brewer in the corner. I asked him, ‘What were you thinking on this play?’ And the answer he gave me, I couldn’t figure it out. And so, I just felt like, with his body language, that he didn’t want to play tonight. So, I chose not to play him.

This might be the play Scott was referencing:

Young wanders (slowly) off Corey Brewer and into the paint, where Young stands aimlessly as his teammates play defense.

Scott said Young’s benching was a one-game thing, and that’s fair. No sense punishing Young further just to prove a point. He can help the Lakers in whatever their goal is (winning, tanking, drawing fans or a combination of), so get him back on the court and give him a chance to redeem himself.