J.J. Redick, Andre Drummond latest to receive flopping warnings (VIDEO)


The league’s anti-flopping rules don’t necessarily work, because they aren’t enforced by penalties strong enough to act as a deterrent to the behavior.

Guys making multiple millions of dollars per season aren’t going to stop trying to gain an advantage during a game because of a $5,000 fine, which only kicks in after a player’s second offense of the season.

Still, it remains interesting to see which players get caught and why. It seems as though fooling the officials into calling a foul when there wasn’t one is among the criteria the league looks at when deciding to crack down.

J.J. Redick and Andre Drummond are the latest to receive warnings, and in both cases, fouls were called when the contact appeared to have been exaggerated.

In Redick’s case, he was awarded three free throws after falling down shooting from beyond the arc, when the defender may or may not have even touched him.

Drummond’s case was far worse, because it came at a crucial point in the game; it was tied at 93 with just 23 seconds left.