Wale says he’s talking to Kanye West about designing new Wizards uniforms


Former Nets owner Jay Z ushered in Brooklyn’s black-and-white color scheme and helped designed the team’s jerseys.

Drake is involved in the Raptors’ rebranding, including Toronto’s new logo.

Now, Wale – a D.C. native and a “creative liaison” for the Wizards – could be the next rapper to shape an NBA team’s look. And he’s seeking input from Kanye West.

Wale, via Dan Friedell of ESPN:

I want to be a shot in the arm to DC basketball. My job is to provide a spark, at all costs. I’m not going to do anything corny, but I’m talking to Kanye about designing new uniforms.

I have no idea whether Wale and Kanye would design a good uniform, but I’d be excited to find out – which is why the Wizards are enlisting their help, even if it’s just to attach their names to the project.

The Wizards’ regular uniforms, a modernized twist on the franchise’s previous duds, are already among the best in the league. I wouldn’t want to throw those out the window.

But Washington’s alternates are pretty weak. I’d welcome Wale and Kanye creating a new third jersey for the team.

Whatever Wale does with the uniforms, here’s some advice: I know everyone in D.C. is going gaga over Kevin Durant, but don’t follow Drake’s lead on that front. It won’t go over well with the NBA.