Two more clips of LeBron ‘struggling’ on defense from Cavaliers’ win over Bulls


The Cavaliers had little trouble in getting their third straight victory on Monday, a comfortable win over the Bulls in a game that Cleveland led by as many as 25 points.

If Derrick Rose was f–king irritated about the loss, just imagine how he would have felt had LeBron James actually played solid defense throughout.

For whatever reason, LeBron has been well below average on the defensive end of the floor this season; his effort there has been partly to blame for the team’s slow start, even though there are plenty of other issues that have been contributing factors.

Here are a couple more examples of possessions where he, um, seemed to struggle.

This one is bad, because the needless gamble for the steal wasn’t something his teammates were expecting, so no one was ready to help and Snell ended up with an open lane to the basket. The fact that LeBron didn’t bother to try to re-enter the play is amusing on the surface, but not the end of the world — he likely figured the play was over due to his mistake, and was trying to leak out to get an advantage in transition.

Now, about this next one.

In LeBron’s defense, Pau Gasol wasn’t his man here, so he was essentially caught trying to guard two players at the same time. But one of the primary rules of defense is that you don’t leave the ball, and the fact that a simple fake from Gasol got LeBron scrambling like this (and resulted in Gasol having an open lane to the basket) is obviously less than ideal from a team defensive standpoint.