Report: Grizzlies in “serious discussions” to sign Tyrus Thomas from D-League


Tyrus Thomas has been out of the NBA for more than a year, his athleticism no longer able to cover poor decision making on both ends of court, so Charlotte amnestied him. Part of his decline was that the Bobcats tried to play him at the three (out of position) but that no other team had interest speaks to how far his game had fallen.

But now it appears he’s going to get another chance.

After playing well in the D-League the Memphis Grizzlies are interested, reports Marc Spears of Yahoo Sports.

Thomas, the former No. 4 pick (2006), had said previously he felt lethargic back with Charlotte two seasons ago, but he now believes that was due to a cyst on his spinal cord. He had that removed last year and this fall tried to make a comeback in the D-League.

Thomas had previously told Spears he was miserable in the D-League. Well, now he gets another chance. He reportedly has lost some of that athleticism, but if he’s making better decisions he may be able to stick.