Archie Goodwin calls lack of opportunity with Suns ‘very frustrating’


Archie Goodwin is just 20 years old, and is already in his second season with the Suns.

He’s talented, but raw — which is why the team has had him spending the majority of his time in the D-League this season. And that lack of opportunity with the varsity squad is beginning to wear on Goodwin at this early stage of his career.

Goodwin averaged 23.3 points in three games with the Bakersfield Jam, and helped them win the D-League Showcase Cup in Santa Cruz. He was named MVP of the tournament for his performance, but while that could be considered a step in the right direction, he’s still not likely to get much of a chance with the Suns this season due to the way the roster is constructed.

And if the chance doesn’t come next year, Goodwin may attempt to do something about it.

From Sean Deveney of Sporting News (via Basketball Insiders):

“Of course it is going to be frustrating for me, because I am a competitor,” Goodwin told Sporting News. “I have enough confidence in myself to believe I can play right now. A lot of guys, once they get here, they sort of feel like, ‘Well, it’s OK, I will get my opportunity eventually.’ That’s not me. I feel like I could be playing right now. In that sense, it is very frustrating.” …

“I don’t know what they’re doing,” he said. “Honestly, I really don’t. I guess they know what they’re doing — I can just play ball and let them make the decisions. I don’t know what the purpose is for it, but there is nothing I can do about it.” …

He expects his chance to come next year. If not, he might not be in Phoenix much longer.

“If it don’t come next year, I’m not going to take it,” Goodwin said. “That’s basically what it’s going to come down to. But that’s not for me to worry about, that’s for my agent to talk to those guys about.”

The problem for Goodwin is, thanks to the contract he signed, he doesn’t really have many options.

Goodwin is under contract for this year and next for a little more than $1 million guaranteed each season, with Phoenix holding a team option for just over $2 million for 2016-17. He could have his agent try to demand a trade before then if the Suns keep acquiring guys who play his position, which would continue to limit his opportunity.

But his best course of action at this point would be to continue to work hard and improve his game, so that his talent becomes undeniable and the Suns will want him as a member of the team’s regular rotation.