Tyreke Evans hits game winner over four Raptors (VIDEO)


Tyreke Evans forces too many isolation plays at the end of Pelicans games. However, with Anthony Davis and Jrue Holiday out on Sunday, that play makes sense for a final shot in a tie game, which is what the Pelicans faced against the Raptors in Toronto Sunday.

Everyone in the building knew that the last play was going to be an Evans isolation — that includes the Raptors, who ended up with four guys rotating over to him. Didn’t matter. First Greivis Vasquez was guarding him and he’s not the best defender ever. Second, he lets Evans get back to his much-favored right hand.

The result was the high off the glass game winner. The Raptors had come from behind to lead by double digits at one point, but it didn’t matter when it came down to the final shot.