Quote of the Day: Spike Lee colorfully explains why he didn’t travel to London to see the Knicks


The Knicks traveled to London earlier this week to face the Bucks as part of the NBA’s Global Games schedule, but noted super-fan Spike Lee decided to stay home.

New York has been the worst team in the league from a wins and losses standpoint, and it was uncertain whether or not Carmelo Anthony would be able to go, after missing the team’s previous six games with a knee issue.

Lee summed up his reason for skipping the contest quite succinctly, in an interview with Jordan Zakarin of Yahoo Movies (via EOB):

The Knicks are in London today. Why aren’t you?
We’ve lost 16 motherf—-ing games in a row. 26 out of 27. And I’m gonna get on a plane for that?! I can take a cab to see them lose!

Are you still going to every home game?
I’ve been… sparse.

Has that been noticed? Have they been like, ‘Spike, where are you?’
They’ve asked me where I’ve been! But they understand.

When the Knicks lose Spike Lee, they’re really in trouble.
Well, I’ve been busy lately.

You’ve been busy for 25 years, hasn’t stopped you from missing a game.
[Laughs] I’m just oh-so-suddenly busy!

Anthony did end up playing, and finished with 25 points on 12 shots, in just 28 minutes of action. But the Knicks fell by a final of 95-79, in a game where they trailed by as many as 26 points.

It appears as though Lee made the right decision.