Report: Nets having ‘accelerated trade discussions’ for Brook Lopez, inquiring about Lance Stephenson


The Nets put it out there earlier in the season that any one of their high-salary stars could be had in trade, but with the contracts of Joe Johnson, Deron Williams and Brook Lopez, it was always going to be difficult to find a willing partner.

Lopez is perhaps the most tradable of the three, given the combination of his deal and skill set.

It now appears as though the Nets fully intend to move him, and are interested in doing so quite soon.

From Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports:

Brooklyn has accelerated trade discussions for Brook Lopez with the intention on moving him soon, league sources tell Yahoo Sports.

Nets talking to several teams, but officials around league say Nets making second hard push for intel on Charlotte’s Lance Stephenson.

Lance Stephenson is an intriguing prospect, but has baggage in the form of locker room issues firmly attached. The veterans in Indiana were able to largely keep him in check, but in the playoffs last season, once LeBron James was on the other side of the floor, all bets were off.

Stephenson has underperformed during his first season in Charlotte, a combination of being asked to take on an expanded role while also dealing with injuries. His contract isn’t great, but it’s better than that of Lopez, who has had problems conforming to Brooklyn head coach Lionel Hollins’ demands, especially on the defensive end of the floor.

But this report only says the Nets are looking into Stephenson, and many other teams are involved in the discussions. All we really can glean from this is that Brooklyn is determined to deal Lopez by the Feb. 19 trade deadline, which is still more than 30 days out.