Report: Cavs, Clippers, Heat, Wizards interested in Nate Robinson


Now that Nate Robinson has officially been bought out by the Celtics following the trade from Denver, several teams are sniffing around signing him. There are some interesting names in here, including the Cavs and Clippers, according to Yahoo’s Marc Spears:

The Cavs and Clippers are not natural fits for Robinson, at all. The Clippers already have Jamal Crawford, and just traded for Austin Rivers, so they have more than enough undersized combo guards. Cleveland just traded for J.R. Smith and got LeBron James back from injury, so unless they have more than one ball to play with, that pairing doesn’t make a lot of sense, either.

We’ll see where Robinson lands, but the teams that have been linked to him so far are puzzling to say the least.