LeBron James calls injury ‘the most difficult thing I’ve been through’


LeBron James missed three, two, three, four, seven, one, six, three, four, six and five games in his first 11 NBA seasons.

He has already missed nine games (and possibly counting) this season.

LeBron has never gone through anything like this physically. Making matters worse, the Cavaliers are 1-8 without him (and 18-11 with him) and have lost five straight.

LeBron, via Joe Vardon of Northeast Ohio Media Group:

“It’s the most difficult thing I’ve been through,” he said.

James also said “I hated the fact that we were playing some decent ball when I went out and we just dropped a lot of games when I went out.

Other things LeBron has called the most difficult thing he’s been through: winning a championship, leading these Cavaliers, saying no to his mother about money.

I’m sure this injury seems difficult to LeBron in the moment. But soon enough, he’ll return to the court, and this time won’t even rate among the most difficult when he looks back on his career.