Report: Several teams have called the Nuggets about Arron Afflalo


The Denver Nuggets traded starting center Timofey Mozgov to the Cleveland Cavaliers last week, the latest sign that they’ve given up on their playoff hopes to a degree. It also puts them in the category of teams that could potentially be sellers at the deadline, and’s Ramona Shelburne says there’s no shortage of interest in some of their pieces, particularly shooting guard Arron Afflalo.

Afflalo is one of the better players who will be available at the deadline, so it makes sense that some teams on the playoff bubble are looking at him as a piece to put them over. He’d be a perfect fit for the Clippers, but they’re so close to the hard cap (and seemingly about to trade for Austin Rivers) that it’s hard to make a deal work there.

Afflalo, Wilson Chandler and Nate Robinson are all pieces the Nuggets could move before the trade deadline (as well as JaVale McGee, if anyone wants him). It’s been an active December and January so far on the trade front, and it might not be slowing down anytime soon.