NBA veteran on playing for Sixers: ‘No one wants to go there’


The Sixers have been open and honest from the jump in terms of their plan to rebuild the roster, which essentially has been this: Jettison all veterans, bottom out to increase the chances of obtaining higher draft picks, and pray that one or more of them end up being superstar talents that will benefit the franchise for years to come.

While that’s sensible from a front office perspective, it’s a less-than-desirable situation to be in for the league’s more tenured players.

It’s no secret that guys don’t want to willingly sign up for lots of losing, but at least one player verbalized that perception, while specifically speaking about the Sixers.

From Keith Pompey of

“No one wants to go there,” said an Eastern Conference player who spoke on the condition of anonymity. “Not right now.”

Established players cringe at the thought of being traded to the 7-29 squad. Marquee free agents won’t even consider the franchise.

That’s not surprising to the Sixers, especially coach Brett Brown and general manager Sam Hinkie. They realize that the franchise, in its current tanking state, is far from a sought-after destination spot.

Danny Granger and Andrei Kirilenko are two veterans who refused to suit up for the Sixers.

Things will change over time, of course, if Philadelphia’s vision for the future is one day realized. But as we’re seeing more and more, the best players tend to re-up with their current squads in free agency — not only because of the extra year of financial security available on a max deal, but also because it makes little sense to leave a winning situation.