Carmelo Anthony admits he’s “pretty sure at some point” he’ll need knee surgery


If Carmelo Anthony is concerned and hesitant to have knee surgery, well, that makes him human.

The Knicks organization has encouraged Anthony to shut it down and, if needed, get the surgery now. Anthony has said he wants to rest and it is expected he’ll try to gut it out through at least the All-Star Game where he is on track to be voted in a starter at Madison Square Garden.

But after that, he admitted he may need knee surgery. From Ian Begley of

I don’t think this really changes anything.

As just about everyone around the NBA does as well, I expect Anthony will fight through, play in the All-Star Game, then shut it down for the season. Then this summer he will be active in trying to recruit free agents to New York, although their chances of landing a big name are slim even with all the cap space.

But if Anthony is healthy, they get a good young draft pick, and the Knicks get better fitting role players for their system, next year they will be a better team. They will take a step in the right direction. And Anthony will be part of that.