LeBron returns to Miami … to rehabilitate injuries


LeBron James has missed the last six games for the Cavaliers, and the team has managed to post just one win in the time he’s been sidelined.

He’s not expected back for at least another week, and hasn’t even been around the team recently, thanks to choosing the warm weather of Miami over the Cleveland cold as the spot for his latest round of rehabilitation.

From Brian Windhorst of ESPN.com:

LeBron James’ rehab process to deal with back and knee strains has focused on getting him into the best places to heal. That included a stay in Miami to take advantage of warmer weather this week, sources told ESPN.com.

Cleveland Cavaliers doctors advised James not to attend games over the past week because “continuous sitting” on the bench would be bad for his back, coach David Blatt said. For this reason, James was excused from team activities and did not attend road trips in Charlotte and Philadelphia and a home game against the Dallas Mavericks.

“That was by design,” Blatt said. “He hasn’t been around per orders of the doctor.”

LeBron not being while the team is going through a losing stretch — and while key rotation players were traded out of town — is obviously less than ideal.

But James’ health is of the utmost importance to the Cavaliers’ hopes of contending this season, and if warm-weather cities help him return to the court that much sooner, then his current club will obviously sign off on these types of trips — even if they’re to a destination where LeBron played during the last four seasons.