Kyrie Irving on Cavaliers: ‘We’re just in a great mental place’


The Cavaliers, who’ve lost three straight, have seemingly hit rock bottom after entering the season with the highest of expectations.

LeBron James would reportedly consider leaving Cleveland. For the next two weeks, he won’t be doing much of anything on a basketball court.

Kevin Love got benched then injured.

Management is reportedly questioning David Blatt’s ability to reach the team, and he’s getting nosebleeds as he answers questions about his job. Meanwhile, LeBron is giving less-than-totally convincing support to the coach.

Are the Cavaliers just stuck in the dysfunction that plagued them last year?

As the walls seemingly cave in around him, Kyrie Irving doesn’t want to hear any of it.

Irving, via Chris Fedor of Northeast Ohio Media Group:

“I don’t want to talk about last year at all,” Irving said following Wednesday’s loss. “I’d rather be in this position right now than I was last year. We’re just in a great mental place and I’m in a great mental place.”

Success is in the eye of the beholder.

The Cavaliers are on pace to win 46 games. That’d be LeBron’s worst record in seven years. It’d also be Irving’s best – by 13 games – in his career.

Irving could play a crucial role for the Cavaliers during this difficult stretch. Not only is he the team’s only healthy star, he seems to be the most optimistic. The team won’t break out of this rut if it gets swallowed up in the negativity surrounding it.

It’s worth noting, Irving’s comments came before LeBron’s timetable was announced, but Cleveland’s best chance is Irving maintaining his positive vibe and everyone else feeding off it.