Stan Van Gundy says Pistons job will be his last with an NBA team


Stan Van Gundy was hired as Pistons head coach and president of basketball operations this past summer in order to restore some credibility to a once successful franchise.

Detroit had a run where the team made it to the Eastern Conference Finals in six straight seasons, with two trips to the Finals and an NBA title included in that 2002-2008 stretch.

But since then, the team has reached the 30-win mark only one time over the past five seasons.

Van Gundy is under contract for the next five years, and plans to stick around long enough to finish the job he just started. He also doesn’t anticipate leaving the Pistons to take an NBA job anywhere else.

From Josh Robbins of the Orlando Sentinel:

Van Gundy is in the first year of a five-year contract with the Pistons, and he emphasized that he’s open to remaining with the Pistons in the same role after the contract expires at the end of the 2018-19 season.

But Van Gundy added he’s made a promise to his wife that their family won’t relocate again to a new place.

“I promised my wife,” he said. “I wanted one more shot at it. I’ve got a great owner. I’ve got a great situation with great tradition, and I should be able to get it turned around in the time that he’s given me. If I don’t, I don’t. But I should be able to. But this’ll be the last one.”

Later, he added, “That’s the last move we’re going to make.”

It’s far too early to tell whether or not Van Gundy will be successful in his new role, or even make it all the way to the end of his current deal without the team choosing to go in a different direction if he should fail to meet expectations.

But the fact that he won’t have a wandering eye for other potential opportunities should at least provide some stability while he’s there.